About us 1

El Alameya Group Company was founded in 1997, mainly provides environmental and intelligent solutions for all aspects of ventilation systems such as manufacturing all types of axial fans, and centrifugal fans as well as The company is a seller of WingFan products in Egypt. (WingFan is a manufacturer of axial fan in Germany). Also El Alameya Group is a manufacturer of Cooling Towers using new technologies for efficient to meet the customer’s requirement at an affordable price. The availability of all cooling tower accessories like PVC fill, PVC mist eliminator, nozzles, louver, and water floaters distinguishes us from other companies that waste a lot of time to provide these accessories. We are simply able to rehabilitate any cooling tower to return to work again In addition to fields of Specialization mentioned above, El Alameya Group provides static and dynamic balancing service for all rotating objects in the balancing department in our factories or in client’s external sites using the latest fixed and portable balancing machines according to ISO 1940 Quality is the most concern in our vision because we believe “business plan is the best business”. We are consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. We deliver the product at anytime and anywhere within time.