Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

About Production

To assure timely and availability of the products delivery, El Alameya Group invest in production capacity. 

El Alameya Group invests a lot in the tools and equipment that facilitate the production and to get the final products according to the client needs. 

The following is a review of some machines that help us to get the final product; 


The first step in fabricating a sheet metal component is cutting to size. Shearing machines and shearing machinery perform this function. Shearing machines are multipurpose devices used in the cutting of alloys and other sheet metal. 

  • Maximum shearing thickness 16 mm 
  • Shearing width  3200 mm 


Our 3 roll benders work by pinching the metal between two rolls and curving it as it comes in contact with a back forming roll. This curves the metal workpiece into a cylindrical form, where it is welded together to produce a cylinder. 


Bending is one of the most common sheet metal fabrication operations. Also known as press braking, flanging, die bending, folding and edging, this method is used to deform a material to an angular shape. This is done through the application of force on a workpiece. The force must exceed the material’s yield strength to achieve a plastic deformation. Only then can you get a lasting result in the form of a bend. 


Flanging machine is especially designed for the construction of axial fans body and for the construction of piping for ventilation.  It executes ribbing, flanging, punching and beading (stiffening of flange) on ferrule / duct.  Machine does all the working operations with only one positioning of piece. Ferrule is clamped directly on the spindle through an expansion tool which is provided with interchangeable segments that can be easily manufactured. El Alameya Group has a flanging machine with flange thickness 6 mm, and length workpiece up to 2000 mm, and diameter range 350 mm to 2200 mm.


Metal spinning is a metal-forming process for producing mainly round parts from sheet metal without loss of material. A spinning tool is made in the shape of the required component. The mandrel is mounted on the spinning machine. The sheet metal is then clamped in place before spinning commences. A rotational movement is then

 initiated and the plate is forced into the shape of the mandrel in one or more passes depending on its design and dimensions. The result of the spinning process is a hollow replica of the mandrel. 

El Alameya Group has three different spinning machines as follow 
  • Vertical spinning machine With maximum spinning cone thickness 8 mm.
  • Horizontal spinning machine with maximum spinning cone thickness 5 mm and diameter range 280 mm to 1250 mm.
  • Horizontal spinning machine With maximum spinning cone thickness 10 mm and diameter up to 2100 mm.


The Centre Lathe is used to manufacture cylindrical shapes from a range of materials including; steels and plastics. Many of the components that go together to make an engine work have been manufactured using lathes.  El Alameya Group has a center lathe machines can lathe a workpiece with diameter up to 1000 mm and length up to 2350 mm.  El Alameya Group also has milling machines and drilling machines that make us able to deliver the final product according to the client needs.