Should Marijuana Be Legal for Medicinal Purposes?

Drugs and substance abuse is illegal around the globe and marijuana is classified as a drug in the majority of countries around the world. Currently, some countries and most of the states in the US have enacted laws that legalize the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Marijuana and alcohol have been classified as gateway drugs that lead to other harder drugs. There are many reasons for wanting to understand what science has so far revealed—and what remains unknown—about marijuana’s medical potential. Can marijuana really help people with AIDS , cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, or any of several other conditions it is purported to relieve?

  • This is another important consideration in treating this deadly disease.
  • Retail license quotas are often used by states to regulate entry into sin goods markets as quotas can restrict consumption by decreasing access and by reducing competition .
  • The medical information in this book is not intended to substitute for the advice of a physician or other health care professional.
  • They also worry that legalization will promote a transition to heavier drugs, such as heroin.

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Smoking marijuana has not been accepted as a medical treatment or an alternative to any medical treatment of any sort for any illness. None of the American health organizations has approved marijuana as a medicine.

why should marijuana be legal essay

While many of the articles reflected the balanced nature of the report’s findings, most of the headlines—which tend to stick in readers’ minds—gave the impression that the IOM had fully endorsed the medical use of marijuana. Scores of editorials followed suit, including several expressing uncritical acceptance of marijuana as a medicine. “Compassionate medicine,” these leaders insisted, “must be based on science, not political appeals.” Nevertheless, medical marijuana initiatives proceeded to pass in every state in which they appeared on the ballot. The result would be improved living standards for thousands of unemployed people in the society. Other job opportunities would also come through different businesses that individuals set up to assist in the distribution of marijuana to the users. The regulation would also help in restricting the availability of marijuana to the teenagers compared to when it is illegal.

Argumentative essay marijuana legalization

Cannabis use during pregnancy, just like tobacco use, affects fetal development leading to conditions such as fetal hypoxia and low birth weight of the newborn. The chemicals contained in marijuana are easily transferrable across the placenta into the fetus affecting its development. Historically, marijuana was used to attain euphoria by the users and as a medical herb in China and India, where it originated.

McLaren et al. reveal that since marijuana is an illegal drug, there are no guidelines or controls for its cultivation and it is not known whether the pesticides used are safe to humans . Yacoubian documents that the US government spends billions of dollars annually to enforce prohibition efforts on marijuana . This money that would otherwise have been spent on more socially constructive purposes is currently being used to fund operations ranging from the carrying out of drug raids, arrests and prosecution of drug offenders.

Use as a gateway drug

Historically, the issue of legalizing marijuana has been a very polarizing and important topic of discussion in society. With all the misinformation from both sides of the argument, it is important to understand the facts and be able to make an informed decision about the legalization of medical marijuana. Lastly, there are serious concerns about what could happen to our nation’s electric grid and the environment if the government gave marijuana the green light.

Houston who is an outspoken advocate for the legalization of Marijuana confirms that marijuana is the cash cow that has made the Mexican drug cartels such a formidable force. By making the drug legal, the government would benefit from revenues obtained from its sale as well as remove the monopoly held by the criminal gangs thus making the country safer. Spinal cord injuries are debilitating injuries affecting a large portion of Canadian society. Motor deficits, a hallmark feature of spinal lesions, can be improved in less severe cases through neuroplasticity in the central nervous system. However, commonly used psychoactive drugs, such as alcohol and cannabis, have been shown to impair cortical neuroplasticity, which may impair recovery in individuals with SCIs.

Challenging The Status Quo: a Case for Legalizing Marijuana in America

Marijuana is now being legalized in numerous states and has been proven to be the most profitable drug out there. With it being one of the quickest growing markets it would help support the economy and it would…

Common opioids such as Morphine or Oxycodone are painkillers that can be habit forming and can be dangerous if misused. Using them as directed by your doctor or by the packaging are the best ways to be safe from an overdose or even death. With medical cannabis, overdose is almost non-existent making it a safe alternative to prescriptions drugs. Due to the risk factors of opioids, national health leaders have talked about reducing traditional painkillers.

Legalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level Could Benefit Public Health Heres Why

The illegal state of marijuana makes it a valuable and popular drug among the teenagers hence more prone to abuse than other drugs. Alaska, being much smaller and only having five dispensaries, split theirs 50/50 between the state general funds and a program to help reduce repeat offender college essay editing service reviews criminals . The marijuana industry does not just bring money to all of these programs, but they also bring money to the nearly 18,000 people who are hired to work there . There has been a dramatic increase in public support for marijuana legalization in the last two decades.

To this end, the paper has engaged in discussions as to the merits and demerits of such a move. Overall, evidence suggests that making marijuana legal would benefit the society more than having it classified as an illegal substance. Clinical trial research on the therapeutic role of marijuana in pain management essay review services have shown that the drug demonstrated significant pain relief and induce relaxation hence relieving anxiety and depression (Green and De-Vries 2457). These findings are corroborated by reports by the WHO which indicate that cannabinoids alleviate symptoms such as nausea and vomiting in chronically ill patients.

The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in The United States

In Florida, one can only obtain cannabis for medical use if they have one of the qualified conditions. Even if they qualify, they must see a state-certified physician for medical cannabis for a period of time so the physician can determine whether you need the plant. Following multiple consultations with a physician, one can then gain access to cannabis for medical use.

why should marijuana be legal essay

If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper. What if I told you there was an amazing, new to some, product on the market that carried benefits ranging from help with insomnia, anxiety, cancer symptom relief, and maybe even the cure for some types of cancers and diseases? In the United States of America 100,000 people die each year from alcohol-related causes. Most of the causes are, drinking and driving, crashes, other accidents, falls, fires, and alcohol-related homicides and suicides. While prescription painkillers cause thousands of overdoses which leads to deaths each year….

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana will soon be very useful to the human body and to the economy. Last, does the government ever ask themselves the question “has anyone ever died from marijuana usage? ” They must not ask themselves that question because the answer would be no. There isn’t even a section for marijuana in the disease control and protection section.

why should marijuana be legal essay

An obvious merit of the legal industry is that it is bound by government control which ensures that the products sold are safe for the consumer. The government can also monitor the production process and issue guidelines to make sure the consumer is not exposed to unnecessary risks. Marijuana is a favored recreational drug which means that its commercial significance is high due to the high demand for the product. Under the current situation where the drug is deemed illicit, the government cannot benefit monetarily from commerce in this drug. This is an important consideration since data on the prevalence of Marijuana indicates that the US is still the world’s largest single market for the drug .

Failure: prohibition doesn’t help

Marijuana was recommended to stimulate appetites, and relax muscles, so if marijuana was effective in treating those ailments during this time period. Its defenders point out that the drug was praised by the patients and doctors alike. The same Journal of the American Medical Association why should marijuana be legal essay article, pointed out that even though the medical history of marijuana is five thousand years old, it has almost all been forgotten. However, some states, including Oregon and Washington, have moved to legalize cannabis for therapeutic or recreational use in recent decades.

  • With a growing number of states authorizing the use of marijuana, the public continues to broadly favor legalization of the drug for medical and recreational purposes.
  • Marijuana users would continue to push for its legalization despite the persistent arrests and harsh penalties handed to offenders found in possession of marijuana.
  • Also, debate on if it were to be legalized, how would they make it work.

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